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CCTV Systems

At AMPS WLL, CCTV is all about you, your protection, safety of your property and most importantly your satisfaction.

Our CCTV System range products is specialized for many different applications including IP and Network based DVR’s that can be viewed over the World Wide Web from your PC (or) Laptop. Our specialty product also includes in-built NVT Connectivity and Optical Transmission over Fibre for long distances. Delivered by some of the leading manufactures from UK and Japan, CCTV Systems from AMPS are highly reliable and suitable for extreme environmental conditions such as in Bahrain.

We are dedicated to provide hassle-free, value driven and high quality products. Above all AMPS offers courteous, on-time service with premium Annual Maintenance Contracts for your CCTV system and network to ensure profitable returns from your investment.

  • Fixed & PTZ Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Lenses
  • IP65 Housings
  • Twister Pair & Fibre Networks
  • Infrared Lamps
  • Video Analytics
  • Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Video Over IP (VOIP)
  • Matrix Switchers
  • Power Over Ethernet Solutions (POE)
  • Remote Surveillance
  • Intelligent Tracking Software





Access Control Systems

At AMPS Access Control Systems is delivered with the objective of backward integration to CCTV, Barrier & Turnstiles and BMS Systems.

With AMPS as your integrator, you need not require separate software/systems to control your various Security System programs. We deliver you the State-of-the-art access control equipment and systems for the simplest to the most challenging installations and integrate them to provide you a full-featured security solution for virtually trouble free operation. Expandability is the key word of our Access Control System. With virtually no-fall-out from your existing system, you can add on readers and controllers to upgrade your system with simplicity and ease as never before.

Our expanded product ranges are delivered to you after careful evaluation by our professionals to ensure that you get a single solution for all your security needs.

  • Biometric Solutions
  • Facial Recognition
  • Proximity Readers
  • Long Range Readers & RF Tags
  • Vandal Resistant Readers
  • Touch Key pads
  • Stand Alone & Network Readers
  • Surge Protected Controllers
  • Management Software
  • Time & Attendance
  • Online/Offline Readers
  • Anti Pass-back Solutions
  • On Board Memory
  • LAN/WAN Configuration
  • CCTV/Barrier Integration




Fire Alarm Systems

There are number of reasons for installing fire detection and alarms systems. Each system at AMPS is designed to fulfill specific needs.

AMPS fire alarm systems notifies occupants to take evasive action to escape the dangers of a hostile fire, to summon organize assistance to initiate (or) assist in fire control activities. It also, initiates automatic fire control and suppression systems to assure that the operational status is maintained wide a variety of auxiliary function involving advanced process controls. A variety of Fire Alarm System components like Detectors, Panels, Sounders/Beacons, Manual Call Points etc. is brought you to directly from Germany with necessary approvals of Local Authorities.

With AMPS as your partner, be assured that your property is well protected against fire and your investments are secured.

  • Fire Control panels
  • Conventional & Addressable Detectors
  • Conventional & Addressable Panels
  • Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Firemen Phone
  • I/O Modules
  • Door Magnets
  • Fire Management Software
  • Sounders & Beacons
  • Wireless Systems
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Home Smoke Detectors
  • Testing Devices










Audio/Video Door Entry Systems

ELVOX Audio Video Entry System compromises of elegantly designed Italian Panels and Handsets and is available in different combinations to suite your requirements. Not only does it provide clear sound and high visual quality, but the product is available in various designs to suit and add value to your property. Standard Audio and Video Kits for Villas can be easily configured and installed by your electrical contractors without any assistance. Highly advance systems can be designed by our trained engineers for high rise building with LCD monitors and multiple entrances to facilitate easy access to your tenants.

AMPS is associated with ELVOX for the past 10 year and has gained experience sufficient enough to design projects for more than 1000 points with multiple entrances and with alarm/bell integration. Programming of tenants name and other information to the entrance panels can be effected thro Laptops so that changes can be affected regularly thro the building front desk only.


  • Audio/Video Kits
  • Stylish LCD/Monitor Stations
  • 4 Wire / 2 Wire Systems
  • Weather Proof Entrance Panels
  • Vandal Resistant Panels
  • Porters Switchboard
  • Interphones
  • Table Mounting Adaptors
  • Switch-mode Power Supplies
  • Repeater Chimes
  • Hand Held Programmers
  • Alarm Integration


With ever technologies, we at AMPS felt the need to provide Digital TV Solution with exceptional audio & video quality for your guests when they relax in their rooms. Hence we partnered with LOCATEL a leading French supplier to provide Digital Satellite Programs, High End Interactive & Audio Visuals, High Speed Internet and Video on Demand Systems to your deserving clients.

LOCATEL offers a host of features such as Interactive TV, Video On Demand, In-House Music, Web Radio, Interactive Displays, Digital Banners and High Speed Internet. AMPS, with Locatel, helps you to understand the benefits of IPTV and increases the Room Value of your property. We also help you increase your revenues by modernizing you TV/Internet Systems with the latest technology.

With our dedicated Triple Play Network, you are rest assured that your guest can enjoy unlimited TV Time, Special Movies, Video Games all at reduced cost.

  • TV over IP Technology (TVoIP)
  • SAT-2M FTA Receivers
  • SAT-CA Receivers for Pay Programs
  • Set Top Boxes
  • HITV System Fast TV Remote
  • Maid Remotes
  • Customized Information Pages
  • Room Service Ordering
  • Billing Options
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Graphic User Interface)
  • Remote Surveillance
  • Digital Display Banners



Digital Signage System

AMPS is a global leader of digital signage. We offers Digital Signage Solutions that allow our customers to easily and consistently develop top quality content and create impactful messages that help them communicate effectively via an integrated network media approach. In addition to offering signage players, software and templates to make it easy for users to get up and running quickly, AMPS provides training and support to make it risk-free for our Dealers to offer digital signage. AMPS Inspired Signage solutions are more cost effective. Our Digital Signage can be combined with other Media Management Solutions for a fully integrated network media solution. The company develops high quality, innovative solutions for all types of screen-based communications for applications including retail, advertising networks, corporate communications, education, health, public signage and hospitality.

Hotel Key Card System

AMPS sets a new standard for HOTEL KEY CARD SYSTEM with its sophisticated design and unmatched features. The concept behind unlocking your ability to add profits by reducing energy waste is to provide a convenient-to-use system that will allow hotel management to reduce energy consumption in guest rooms when the room is unoccupied. Being able to automatically and reliably detect the occupancy status is one of the critical capabilities of the patented AMPS systems. And doing so at low cost and high guest convenience is what separates AMPS from all the others.

Structured Cabling

The cable infrastructure in your office or building is a critical component of your entire network. Proper planning, design, installation, and maintenance of this infrastructure can have a positive impact on your company’s day-to-day operations and can contribute to its success.

Whether you’re building a new location or want to upgrade your existing infrastructure, AMPS is the only provider you need for your cabling projects. We’re a leader in structured cabling solutions. As a full-service provider, our start-to-finish approach includes the following:

  • Consultation
  • Site Survey
  • Design/Engineering
  • Materials Supply
  • Installation
  • Certification
  • Maintenance

Parking Control System

AMPS optical turnstiles with barriers combine high security with unrivalled elegance. For discriminating architects and organizations or property managers serious about controlling building access, there is no better choice.

Barriers turnstiles at AMPS combine a glass or metal arm barrier with intelligent optical technology to detect tailgaters and unauthorized access.

AMPS speed-gates offer a contemporary look and feature swinging or retracting glass barriers. Among the options is a model with full-height barriers that provides the ultimate in lobby security. Our turnstiles easily fit into tight spaces and feature a breakaway barrier arm that enhances safety and improves the security over purely optical turnstiles. Architects, consultants, and end users agree on the superiority of out barrier/turnstiles, which is why they secure many of the world’s finest lobbies.









PA/Voice Evacuation System

A voice evacuation life safety system is often a more effective, faster and safer means of evacuating and/or messaging occupants in an emergency. Building occupants receive clear concise voice instructions pertaining to their specific location, proximity to the situation and emergency strategy – all delivered at the same time.

Built-In Redundancy: A back-up is integrated into each voice evacuation amplifier for increased survivability, risk reduction and equipment savings.

Virtually Unlimited Messages: Each amplifier’s messages are customizable. Amplifiers can operate independently allowing for each amplifier to simultaneously play unique pre-recorded messages or alert tones.

Fully Digital: Evacuation or other response strategy messages are clear, distinct and easily customizable.

Fault Tolerant Architecture: The fire alarm system continues to operate effectively, even if one component fails for any reason. It offers live paging or messaging from pre-recorded audio files. This prevents bandwidth limitations and eliminates the need / cost of a centralized audio bank.

Scalable: The modular design of the Fike Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging system makes it the right choice for everything from single facilities to high-rise buildings and multi-building campuses.


  • Control Panels
  • Heat Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Speech Dialler
  • Expansion Modules
  • Un Load / Download Software
  • Network Control Panels
  • Magnetic Controls
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sirens
  • Remote Addressing

Home Automation System

No matter the size of your home, whether you’re automating a single room or a sprawling mansion, AMPS home automation systems are capable of powering your entire home automation system. Our award-winning system has the horsepower necessary to run even the most demanding systems, from multiple rooms to an entire house. Our popular Controllers are great for smaller or single-room systems, and can also act as an ideal universal remote alternative for every television in your home.Control lights based on time & occupancy!

  • Control thermostats based on schedules & occupancy!
  • Ensure entry doors are closed & locked remotely!
  • Monitor video cameras with your phone or tablet!
  • Automatically shut off water when leaks are detected!
  • Keep tabs on your secondary home or rental property!
  • Receive spoken alerts, announcements & reminders!
  • Control energy costs based on usage and projections!
  • Control and program your home by voice!
  • Ensure garage doors are locked before bedtime!
  • Control audio & video equipment around your home!
  • Detect vehicles entering or leaving your driveway!
  • Customize your smartphone or tablet screens
  • Completely power down audio & video equipment and other appliances at night or when not in use!
  • Much more!


Building Management

AMPS W.L.L. Provides BMS control technology helps meet the comfort and safety needs of your occupants while also increasing your operational and energy efficiency through a full range of HVAC, energy, lighting, air quality, gas detection, and smoke management solutions. The single coordinated view of these systems, and their synchronized response, promotes a safer and more energy efficient building every day and better response in the event of an emergency.

BCPro – A Complete Solution

We are proposing a fully compliant solution that will have the high reliability as well integrity of the distributed architecture. BCPRo has an open architecture, built around industry standards from top to bottom. So it gives an advantage on ongoing improvement in hardware & software at any stage. It is built around a seamless architecture that provides flexibility. Any standard Web browser can be a user interface for the system. With authorized access to your network you can request information concerning the technical and economic performance of your facility. The BCPro Platfrom provides all of the traditional building automation capabilities and features that the Johnson Controls system has provided throughout its evolutionary history, including connectivity .via BACnet ™


Room Management Systems

The objective of the AMPS Room Management System is to provide convenience to the guest, enhance the operator’s management control and provide energy savings.

The design for the RMS is based on an integrated DIN rail mountable room control unit (RCU). The RCU houses all the control devices such as relays, dimmers and FCU control modules. Auxiliary control devices such as wall mounted control panels, thermostats, DND/MUR indicator and Key card holders provides the control user interfaces to the system.


  • One solution to offer excellent guest experience
  • Beautiful aesthetics that blend into any environment
  • Highly economical solution with rich functionality
  • Reliable technology, designed for guest comfort
  • Flexibility to choose from a wide range of choices
  • All that luxury, essentially without all that cost
  • Simplicity

Master Clock System

Master Clock is an electronic device which provides time synchronization signals to a number of slave clocks on a network. It take one or more precise timing reference signals as inputs, then convert and distribute those timing references to other devices to improve their accuracy.

Master clock systems are used in a variety of applications and industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Broadcast
  • Radio
  • Telecom
  • Network systems
  • Financial services
  • Emergency operations
  • Call centers
  • Healthcare
  • Anywhere that reliability of data and signals is critical

AMPS W.L.L. offers solution that provide a reliable time reference for networks and include daylight saving time.

  • Master clocks for the automatic control of self-adjusting slave clocks.
  • Time centres for the construction and operation of large clock systems




Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

ICTs are the technologies used in the conveying, manipulation and storage of data by electronic means. It is a set-up consisting of hardware, software, data and the people who use them. It commonly includes communications technology, such as the Internet.

We at AMPS W.L.L.  to help you to build the right architecture depending on your environment. We aims to bring strategic solution to our client for development and progress.






Central Battery System

AMPS W.L.L. offers high-quality products for exit and emergency lighting solutions as per client  architectural and aesthetic requirements.


Nursecall System


AMPS W.L.L.    offers a variety of quality nurse call products to fit individual needs.  Our team  will assist you in deciding the best solutions by addressing your specific needs and your medical environment.

From small nursing homes to the largest hospitals we have your solution. We offer a variety of quality nurse call products to fit individual needs.